Summary 4

The Setting

  • The party was chased off the from the surrounding areas of the fort. Cain has managed to stabalize all wounded victims and worked with Jimothy to return them to a nearby inn.

Highlights on the Way

  • Off to the infermery. The party had a most painful time getting back to the inn, as there were the equivelent to 2 burn ward victims bouncing around in the back of the cart. Marcus did not return with the party, matter of fact, they didn’t see him after the fire razed the area. It rained for a bulk of the way back, the weather also began to chill as the quarters changed from Summer to Fall.

Highlights There

  • A lovely welcoming party. After the group arrived at the inn, they were most surprised at what they saw. Windows on the bolconies and ground level were smashed, decorative railing was broken to spliters, there was even a slaughtered horse outside. After observing the scene for some time longer, their eyes fell upon 3 worgs. Dark grey, putrid smelling wolfs that goblins and bugbears train for territorial defence and for scouting. From the distance they were standing, they could make out bits of flesh on the ground below their mouths, as well as lengths of chain holding them to the hitching post. Chan, being the ninja he is, tries to sneak up to the door of the inn: only 10 ft from the hitching post. Unfortunately, he alerted the worgs, and the skirmish began. SHort story even shorter, the adventurers were victorious. Epicly enough, Chan managed to solve 1/3 of the problem (one worg) with a katana thrown into into it’s shoulders at 15 feet of distance! The group removed the chains, then more issues hit them. Just a minutes after the slaying of the worgs occured, goblins charged out from the door! They must have been sleeping, and just woke up from the barks and dieing whimpers of their worgs. The leader of the goblins charged forth with a stone morningstar, and screamed a phrase in goblin tongue. The other goblins (7 others) became enraged, and begin to fight like ferocious gladiators! Chan made his way onto the roof of the porch roof, over the entrance, and began swinging the chain he took from the worg at the goblins. Cain and Jimothy began stabbing away. The adventurers, once again, were victorious.
  • The reality of a dream. Jimothy, during one of his days of his days of hunting and fishing, came across a a beautiful pond in a forest clearing. Unfortunately for him, this pond was the refuge of one of the many Omens in the island chain. Everywhere he turned, there a shadowy figure standing in the corner of his vision. A set of pale white eyes were in high contrast with the body itself, creating an eerie atmosphere for Jimothy. Within minutes, insanity begain to kick in. The world began to spin quickly, the envirmoment began to warp to imitate the appearence of Limbo, the pre-circle of the Nin e Hells. The undead clawed there way out of the earth and began to vertake him. Humorously enough, these were all hallucinations the omen was causing. The last words he heard before he dashed from the scene was “13 days left, my good friend.”. Jimothy ran, and ran, and ran until he ran all the to Cain at the cabin that he stumbled across. Now possesing a phobia of Cain’s appearence, Jimothy was frozen by fear. Seizures ensued from hallucinogenic images of fire engulfing himself, but he was chained and brought back to the inn where he was force fed, and chained to a post to avoid further conflict. AFter his 13 days were up, he was brought into the realm of the specific omen, to give a last ditch effort to fight the insanity out of himself. Jimothy was succesful in his attempt and slipped back into reality.

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Summary 4

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