"Just one more fish!"


Koi is a scrawny, Asian-esque, man of the sea. His arms, however, are rather bulky from the many years of pulling creatures of the deep to the surface. He stands at 5’6”, and is adorned in nothing but peasant cloth from day to day.


Koi is a well known man in the Tent Village, primarily as a fisherman, but also as a good friend. He has no problem whatsoever befriending the youngers of the town, he’s even become a role model to many of them. Late at night, he often tells stories of the warriors of his homeland: the samurai and ninjas, while setting around a small fire. For the kind of life he leads, he is a very wealthy man. Very, very, very wealthy. Seriously. Though he does not show his wealth, the items he gifts to the youngers are often of heirloom quality. This has caused some suspicion among the adults of the village, but Koi still manages to keep an Air of Trust around him.

Koi was born in a far off, unknown continent. Possibly a small island off the map, or maybe a law placed that his homeland not be illustrated on maps. Only he knows. Some of the youngers of the village say that he is a lone ninja, probably due to his extensive knowledge of the subject. But that fact is also unknown.


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