Summary 3

The Setting

  • Our adventurers are now leaving the scene of the deaths of two comrades, Sturges and Grizzly. After being violently torn into cave fisher holes, the rest of the group was chased out by a single crabman. As demoralizing as this seems, Marcus was still there to motivate the group to continue the adventure that they had planned. They now set course for the Northern Border Mountains Fort, ready to dismember a few goblins.

Highlights on the Way

  • And smoothly we progress. Our party had a most succesful travel there, being with few events and slightly disruptive weather as they made their way into the hills… then into the mountains.

Highlights There

  • IT %#$! BURNS! Following what was the main travel road up to the fort, they cross trails with a small goblin patrol. The entire party, except for Marcus (who ran and hid), sprang into a defensive posistion in the tree cover on the side of the road. Cain and Jimmothy readied their swords, Steve started a small fire on the ground. The goblins continued to attack, though the battle was pressured to a quick end: as Steve continued to grow the fire to engulf the battlefield. Unfortunately, Steve also engulfed himself in the flames and he fumbled his psionic power. Chan, who recently blacked out from multiple stab wounds, was also engulfed in flames. Jimmothy suffered burns as well. Everyone was dragged to safety, and the party survived… though some were incapacitated and unable to act. Alert horns were heard from nearby, goblins must be closing in! THe group reacted quickly, and retreated instantaneously to the Maiden Chalice.

Summary 3

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