Summary 2

The Setting

  • Our adventurers have found themselves amongst the ruin of what they could comfortably call home. Men of Garax have been found among the ruins, one being alive. They then set course for the Southern Beach Cave: a known cave to the Adventurer’s Guild. In hopes of good fortune, also known as loot, they continue on.

Highlights on the Way

  • Bandits and a Ninja. For the most part, this travel was un-eventful. You will find that un-eventful travels are rather common on the continent of Kurst. However, near the end of the journey, the group encountered a small group bandits. The bandits first lured the party off of their horses by having the leader throw himself out of a bush, and acting in pain. After the party was off of their cart, the bandits struck. The leader, Wolf, threw himself into offensive. Grizzly, a large, axe-wielding man, charged from a bush. Archers sprung from bushes. However, with odds against them, Jimothy, Cain, and Steve emerged victorious. Not by killing all of the bandits (Only wolf and the archers were killed), but by the bandits surrendering. Grizzly took multiple steps foward and offered his assistance, for a fee. He also offered up Chan: a ninja who was rather stealthy during the course of combat. The group accepted both as members, and continued to the cave.

Highlights There

  • Fished into Walls. I would call this waypoint un-succesful. And you shall see why. The group arrived on the beach, around the general area in which the cave was marked. Scattered around the beach were compacted, and darkened balls of sand void of all organic matter. Referencing this finding with the pages of their Common Beasts Guide, crabmen have been in the area. After following the filtered wastes of crabmen, they located the beach cave. A very dark descent of 30 feet followed, leading them into a watery hallway. To summarize the rest of this venture, Grizzly and Sturges were both swept off of their feet into cave fisher burrows in the walls of the cave. The remainder of the group, all of the PCs, were chased out by a lumbering crabman.

Summary 2

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