Summary 1

The Setting

  • Our adventurers (Cain, Jimothy, and Steve) find themselves in the prosperous city of Baybush, alongside the cartographer, Markus, and the delver/looter, Sturges. Every man within this group has planned to take the toilsome journey to cross the mountains and make way for Awpour, while possibly picking up some extra cash and resolving some conflicts along the way.

Highlights on the Way

  • The Eventless. Absolutely nothing happened on the way here. People woke up, rode in a cart and on horses, ate some rations, went to sleep, and woke up only to repeat the same process. Un-eventful? Indeed it is, but it’s better than being mauled by a bear.

Highlights There

  • Home in Shreds. Before our adventurer’s arrived at their home village, the could see smoke on the horizon. What could it be from? Well, unfortunately, the smoke consisted of multiple fires from their home village. Everything was torn and tattered, burned, or dead. Corpses lined the previous paths through the village and were also seen floating in the crystal clear waters of the sea. Among the corpses, Doc, Koi, and Teddy were nowhere to be found. Maybe they escaped? Or possibly captured by whoever did this. Also along the beach were 2 boats, finely crafted… bearing the symbol of Garax’s mercenary legions. They also found 3 corpses of Garax’s men, as well as a surving mercenary. Try as the party may to get information from him, him didn’t give any information. Shortly after, he was stabbed to death.

Summary 1

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