Revised Character Creation

In The Scattered Paths campaign setting, there are many differences in the process of creating characters. This following page will explain the entire process of the character creation process, from your race all the way to proficiencies.

1. Roll Ability Scores

  • This campaign used Method IV of rolling ability scores. Simply said, for every score, you roll 4d6 and drop the lowest result. Arrange these stats as desired. You may roll 3 seperate sets of 6 in this method and choose from any. Rolling 4 6’s on the 1st roll is a natural 19. Rolling 4 1’s on the 1st roll in a natural 2. After rolling ability scores, choose your class.

2. Choose Class

  • This campaign does not bar any classes from use in play, except the original Necromancer (I have created a custom necromancer class). Anything that is supplemented (aside from the Necromancer) is able to be used, this includes the Book of Psionics. If you are dual/multi classing, your primary class must ALWAYS be higher or equivelent to in level that your secondary class. Multi/Dual classing in this campaign is also revised, as I have removed racial restrictions. All you need to do is consult me for a final say in the matter. Once you have chosen a class, proceed to choose a race.

3. Choose Race

  • This campaign has a much larger set of races that are available to use. There are also the demi-human races that are original to ADnD 2.0 character creation, though they also have stat re-arrangements. With this being said, races no-longer have any restrictions as far as class goes unless it is stated otherwise for a specific purpose. For the list of races, please see Character Races. This list is currently being expanded on, so expect to see more available options in the future. After choosing a race, proceed ro assigning your ability scores. With ability scores assigned, add your racial modifiers. Then finally, roll health based on your class. All HDs are listed in the player’s handbook.

Page still in developement.

Revised Character Creation

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