The Scattered Paths

The First Path
Simply follow the dotted line.

Foreword: This is not actually the first session, but rather the 4th or 5th. However, the adventure will not be done by sessions for the campaign, but rather a summary of the full adventure. In this campaign, the players have access to a world map and travel time on said map. They plan their route from start to end, leaving many waypoints for oppurtunity in the middle. When the map is actually uploaded, I will be able to better show the routes and etc..

Summary of Travel
  • Start: City State of Baybush
  • Destination: Summerhurst Square
  • Waypoints In-Between (Original): 12
  • Waypoints In-Between (Revised): 7
  • Waypoints In-Between (2nd Revision): 2
  • Days of Travel (Original): 67 on Foot
  • Days of Travel (Revised): 48 on Foot
  • Days of Travel (2 Revision): 51 on Foot
  • Primary Terrain: Forest (Heavy)

General Story

  • The Mountains : A major obstacle in this adventure are the Border Mountains, a wide mountain range separating Northern Kurst from the rest of the continent. Unfortunately, defensive forts of Baybush have been taken by goblins. Not expertly taken, or with any finnesse… the small numbers of Baybush mercenaries were merely over run with legions of goblins. The goblins dug caves, and populated the mountains with more goblins than you can shake a stick at. Both forts of goblins , along with a number of roadblocks and ambush squads, are enough to keep anybody from passing through. Currently, there are no mercenary groups (that are cheap enough) to clear the mountains and create an open land trade route. Kurst does have a port, but the ships entering and exiting are mainly in use for fishing. Luckily for Northern Kurst, they have everything they need. All they lose are the small luxuries in life imported from Awpour – which is internationally active in trade.
  • How The Adventure Came To Be : Cain, Jimothy, and Steve all attended the Feast of the North: a gathering of the Adventurers’ Guild to recognize its founding. After the award ceremony, and after the feasting itself, the group met Markus, a cartographer who wants to pass over into Awpour while exploring the general region. Accompanying him is the stout dwarf, Sturges. A greedy little dwarf indeed, as his profession is to take advantage of the lawless zones and loot what he can. The group agreed to adventure, and planned a route to Summerhurst Square- a good midpoint to plan a route to Awpour. To satisfy Sturges, and make a little profit on their part, they plotted waypoints that were labeled on the Guild’s Map. After obtaining 2 mules, a cart, and enough rations to last, they set way for SUmmerhurst Square.
  • What’s Up With The ‘Original’, ‘Revised’, and ‘2nd Revision’? : If you don’t know what I’m reffering to, go back and take a look at the summary section of this adventure. The route has changed twice so far, and is unlikely. Adventuring isn’t as solid as you plan, especially when travelling through goblin infested mountains. This is mentioned later in the log, so you know the specifics on the situation. Anyways, the 1st revision was caused by a 20 (Uber-fail) on a Psionic power check… to use the power ‘Control Flames’. 3 of 4 (You’ll also find out about the changed party size) party members were severely injured in the incident, and needed time to recover. After the realization of how easy it is to die, the cut out they entire loop through the Lycanthrope Forests surrounding the Tower of Mist, and decided to push straight through the montains instead, still including some things to do. The second revision has been, by far, the most adventure altering experience thus far. In a similar area, but 1 mile from the debilitating fire, goblins ambushed and killed and party member. Being the 2nd devestating event in the area, and to rush a fallen comrade to Summerhurst where she may be ressurected, they cut out all waypoints. Everything but the first 2 in which was already passed up. This will make for a most short 1st adventure. Please take note that all of the waypoints are listed in their original order. Those that are crossed out were removed in the revisions. Pay close to attention to extra information in the parentheses for the most accurate order.

The Wayoints

  • Start: City State of Baybush
  • Waypoint 1: Coastal Tent Village
  • Waypoint 2: Southern Beach Cave
  • Waypoint 3: Northern Border Mountains Fort
  • Waypoint 4: Central Takukra Goblin Lair (In revision, is switched with waypoint 5)
  • Waypoint 5: Goblin Shrine of Takukra (In revision, is switched withpoint 4)
  • Waypoint 6: Northern Beach Cave
  • Waypoint 7: Tower of Doom
  • Waypoint 8: Pearos
  • Waypoint 9: Lycanthrope Halls
  • Waypoint 10: Southern Border Mountains Fort
  • Waypoint 11: Unknown Camp (Though it is discovered and labeled)
  • End: Summerhurst Square

The Summaries


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