"I can kill anything that can be killed in a single hit. The invincible take two."


Garax is a large, built man in appearence. Oddly, for being entriely human, he stands at an astonishing 6’9”. His strength is near that of a demi-god, almost contesting with in a few instances. He is often seen wearing partial plate armor, protecting his chest and legs. His arms are often left bare to show the many scars of battle beared.


He was born in the far off continent of Draes, in the empire of Waslyn – a prosperous nation. After child birth, his mother awoke without pains – unhindered on her bed. Perched outside of her window was a hawk, a good omen in the nation of Waslyn. Coincidentally enough, Garax grew up to be one hell of a fighter.

At around adolescence, he enlisted in the Waslyn military. At first, he was turned down due to his age. However, he was accepted into the frontline after demonstrating his un-usual strength. He served many years in the military, mostly as a guard within the city limits.

After his amazing feats of valor in the military, he began to move up that chain of command. From frontline soldier, eventually to become general of the military. Under his command, not a single battle was lost and no invader slipped into the walls. His effective leadership gained the trust of the leagues of men under his command, he even became an icon in Waslyn for strength and honor.

Many years after he retired from command, shortly after the military was disbanded, the nation fell to rebellion. During the final years of the nation, Garax managed to round up the previous members of the military and get them on a payroll 10 times more than their previous payroll.

After stocking up on supplies, he and his men stole the largst ships in the port and set sails to a new beggining.


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