Welcome to The Scattered Paths, my current running ADnD campaign. Unlike my other campaigns, I am running this entirely free-form. All I have is a huge map with a travel time scale, some planned out locations, some cities, and dungeons (Of course). All encounters and treasure are run directly from the tables in the DMG.

Since the whole idea seems boring to most, and slightly tedious for the DM, some may be asking “Sir Awesome, why are you wasting your time?”. I’m glad you asked. Only 3 players are in the campaign, and no more will be joining. I love small groups. Exploring is also one of my favorite things. So I combined both to create the best campaign to ever exist. This also improves my improv skills by a good amount.

Anyways. This page is going to be much more updated than my other campaign due to the ease of a small group, so check into that when possible.

The Scattered Paths

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